About Us

Suzy Orr, Founder, Unique Ladies

How it started….

Unique Ladies Networking is a passion for Suzy Orr. After years of working and networking in Male dominated industries, IT & Telecoms, Suzy wanted to create something which took the best from other networks and worked specifically for women.

Not only is there no horrendous joining fee, the locations are superb, car parking is made easy. Care is taken to get the best local inspirational lady speakers and there is always a great warm welcome.

Women in business are still a minority group. This group is all about supporting, empowering and encouraging women, of all ages (our ladies ages range from 18 to 85!) to be the best they can.

Unique Ladies has seen a massive growth and now runs over 18 groups across the North West.

These monthly meetings cost just £20, (plus Booking Fee) and as well as a great cup of tea or coffee, you will come away having learnt something from our business speaking slot (10 minutes on anything from Mascara to Mortgages) Uplifted by our inspirational Speakers (30 minutes) and with many more new business contacts and even a new friend!

We also have a free Business Card Draw, so a great combination of Business and Pleasure!